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Rescheduling & Renumbering of Passenger Trains

The introduction of Main Line Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) rakes in place of the conventional rake affected eight passenger trains in Vijayawada division to be Replaced with MEMU rakes from October 21.

Rajahmundry-Visakhapatnam (57235) passenger will leave Rajahmundry at 11.15 hrs renumbered 67295.
Visakhapatnam-Rajahmundry passenger (57236) will leave Visakhapatnam at 18.10 hrs renumbered as as 67296.

67279 Kakinada-Visakhapatnam passenger will be renumbered as 57255 and will leave Kakinada at 4.05 hrs.
67280 passenger from Visakhapatnam to Kakinada renumbered as 57256 and will leave Visakhapatnam at 17.00.

Vijayawada-Gudur 57224 passenger will be renumbered as 67298.
In return 57223 passegner between Gudur and Vijayawada will be renumbered as 67297.

57200 Rajahmundry-Vijayawada passenger will be renumbered as 67299.
In return, 57201 Vijayawada-Rajahmundry passenger will be renumbered as 67300.