East Coast Railway - Waltair Divsion welcomes you


Safety Tips
  • Travel with proper ticket / Travel authority 
  • Purchase platform ticket before you enter into the railway station 
  • Avail Tatkal reservation facility to get confirmed reservation at the last moment. 
  • Check the correctness of your ticket before leaving the counter. 
  • Purchase ticket only from railway booking counters/Authorised Railway Service Agents. You may otherwise get cheated. 
  • Plan your trip well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. 
  • Travel light with less luggage. It may involve a little extra planning. 
  • Book excess/heavy/oversized luggage in luggage van by coming to the station sufficiently in advance. 
  • Secure your baggage with wire ropes underneath your seat. Carry a lock with you. 
  • Always purchase eatables only from the authorized Vendors/Pantry Car Staff. 
  • In case of theft, avail the assistance of Train Supdt./TTE/RPF/GRP Officials. You need not detrain to file a complaint. 
  • Ensure that the latches of windows/shutters are properly secured. 
  • Switch off fans and lights when not required. Nation's assets are your own. 
  • If any unclaimed/ suspicious articles are found in the compartments/platforms, please inform railway authorities.
    Flush the toilets before and after the use. Help us to keep these places clean.
  • Do not detrain from/ entrain a moving train. 
  • Do not stand near the doorway with the door open when the train is in motion. 
  • Do not purchase tickets from unauthorized persons. 
  • Do not encourage unauthorized hawkers/ vendors. They may sell spurious/ adulterated stuff. 
  • Do not encourage beggars and mendicants. The more you give, the more they come and proliferate. 
  • Do not occupy the seat /berth reserved in favour of other passengers. 
  • Do not accept any eatables from unknown persons. Say "No" firmly, rather than feel sorry later on. 
  • Do not smoke in Trains/Platforms or any other railway premises. Do not consume any alcoholic drinks on railway premises or in compartments. You can be detrained and penalized. 
  • Do not sit/ sleep near the window wearing valuable jewels. Down the shutters and secure them before retiring for the night. 
  • Do not use toilets in trains while at stations. 
  • Do not travel in another person's name/tickets. You can be heavily penalized. 
  • Do not carry any inflammable or dangerous goods. 
  • Do not touch any unclaimed /suspicious articles found in the railway premises/ trains. Promptly report them. 
  • Do not entrust your luggage/ belongings to unknown person.
    Do not travel on the roof top. You can get hit by tunnels/ structures too close to the train. You can get electrocuted by high voltage live wires above.